Monday, 5 July 2010

Apologies for Lack of Cards

Hello Friends,  please accept my apologies for neglecting my blog and the lack of cards. This is due to my impending move and I've packed all my craft bits away boo hoo. I was hoping to be in my new home this weekend but this has now been delayed for another week, as the local council have decided to do major works to it, new kitchen, bathroom and now they've decided it needs a new boiler and radiators. I know I shouldn't moan, but I was so prepared for moving. I'm fed up of living surrounded by boxes!  Anyway I've tried to keep up with all your blogs, I'm sorry if I haven't managed to get round to your blogs but you can appreciate how hectic life is.  Take care everyone.
Hugs Debbie x


Lorraine said...

thats ok huni i know when you move you go cardmaking crazy can't wait to hear the good news that your in your new home take care xx

coops said...

hiya debbie, oh i hope you get to move in soon hun.i hate moving house, its too much upheavel isn`t least it will be all nice and sparkly when you do move in.take care.luv coops.xx

Ruth said...

Hi Debbie,
It's such a shame you have to wait in your "box" room but in a few weeks time when you are sitting looking at your new kitchen etc,it will be WELL worth the wait. Keep your chin up and all the best with the move, Ruth :)


Hi Debs x Just think you will have a blank canvas when you move in x Dont forget your priority......... Craft area of course x Dont forget to let me know address x and let us know when you are in x Leigh x

Mina said...

oh no Debbie, but the wait will be worth it and think of the new house
Mina xxx

Maureen [docrafts] said...

Sorry to hear you are not in your new house yet. The wait will be worth it. I hope your reason for moving will be to have a craft room all to yourself. He!! He!! Take care and please email me with your new addy. Thank you for the comments in my blog. They are much appreciated.

Dee G said...

Hi Debs,

That's quite alright, I've been a bit quiet on the cardmaking front and all.

Hope your move goes smoothly and your new place turns out to just what the dr ordered.

Look forward to seeing some more of your beautiful cards once you're settled in.

Take care,
Dee xx

Jennifer said...

It will be worth it! Hope all goes well xx Jenny xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

hi debbie ... hope you are soon settled ... love your blog and love your cards ... will be popping back to see how you are doing ... happy crafting


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